domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007


I don't have a favorite TV program, and I will explain two or three TV programs.
The first program wich I would explain is "POLONIA". This program is a comedy, the actors of the program imitate to the politicians of catalonia, they exaggerate theur faults and exaggerate some actions of the some week. Apart from the politicians they also imitate to some sportsmen or also the Spanish monarchy, and some dictadors from the world.

Another of my favorites programs is "THE SIMPSONS", it is a serie of cheerful drawings, wich represent an American family, in this family the father is alcoholic, the mother is always at home with the small daughter and where the biggest children go to school. The boy, the biggest, is a very unquiet boy snd his school results aren't good. The girl, is very intelligent and she doesn't seem the sister of the boy. The name of the father is Homer, of the mother is Marge, of the boy is Bart, of the girl is Lisa and of the little girl is Maggie.